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Hopkins Youth Lacrosse - Fall 3 v 3 League (a.k.a. Chumash)


WHAT: 5 Week League - Consisting of 30 min of instructions/player development followed by approximately an hour of 3v3 games.  Teams will vary each week. 

Age Groups: U8, U10, U12, U14

WHEN:  5:00 - 6:30 PM Sundays, September 16th to October 14th (Sunday nights only) 

WHERE: Central Park (Next to Hopkins Pavilion) Field #3 and Rink. 

COST:  $60* / player (FREE* if your child is new to lacrosse and wants to give it a try.  Loaner equipment available upon request.) 

*Player will need to have a current US Lacrosse membership to register.  The annual US Lacrosse membership fee is $30 and paid directly to them.  This is how your child is insured for injury while playing.  If your player has played for an association before, you can check to see the status of your membership at this website.  

What is Chumash?  

Essentially, it’s 3 on 3 lacrosse played with a special goal (1' wide x 6' tall) with no goaltender.  It is a high scoring game with non-stop action that is fun at all levels.   It is also perfect for teaching young players the fundamentals of movement, catching and throwing in game situations without exposing them to a huge, intimidating field.  Here are some highlights: 

  • Games are played on a shortened field 30 yds wide by 50 yds long, with 3 players per team.  (no long poles or goalies) . Most teams are 6-7 players each to account for substitutes.  
  • The Chumash goal is 12” wide and 6’ tall and is centered in a standard size circular crease.  There is an additional oblong crease which encapsulates the circular crease and the goal.   The player may go into the crease to get a ball but all shots must be made from outside the crease.
  • Each team has a designated side of the goal they must shoot on and after each goal the team that got scored on gets the ball at their restraining line. 
  • Games will be officiated by the coaching staff. All personal and technical fouls are used and if you foul you sit out for the required time. All substitutions are on the fly or during a dead ball.

Equipment: 14U and 12U boys and girls must use their required equipment and sticks. 10U and 8U Coed payers must wear a hockey or lacrosse helmet and gloves and use a boy’s stick. 

Please inquire about loaner equipment.  It is available for beginner players at no cost. (subject to availability)

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